Where We Belong - The Resolute Road
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Four years ago, on a mountaintop, two friends began a journey to share people’s stories and experiences in marriage.  Their journey took an unexpected turn when they began to see the patterns they saw in others’ lives in their own..  In a world with so many unique experiences and perspectives, what if our hearts all desire the same thing?

What if diving into your own story and looking pain, loneliness and shame in the face, was the best way to learn to love others?

Where We Belong looks at what happens when we take time to hear people’s stories and dive into questions at the heart of relationships…. these complicated, messy, beautiful, mysterious things that we were created for.


Teya Co-Director / Co-Producer

Sadie Co-Director / Co-Producer

Through the power of storytelling and being authentic, the hope in making this film is to spark the possibility in people’s hearts for deeper, more loving relationships, to learn grace for ourselves as we discover that we are human and we all have struggles, but we have a choice.  There is always more to be discovered about each other and about ourselves.

Follow along on our journey as we have honest conversations with amazing people From Best-Selling Author and Psychologist Dr. Kelly Flanagan, world renowned photographer and founder of The Purpose Hotel Jeremy Cowart, Author/Blogger/Entrepreneur Dale Partridge, Best Selling Author Laura Doyle,  Fight The New Drug, Kristin and Danny,  Lizzi and Jesse from Pocketfuel, Producer/Actor Justin Torrence and so many other amazing people!

“What if there was a place so safe that the worst

of me could be known, and I would discover that

I would not be loved less, but more in the telling of it?”  

– John S. Lynch

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