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you are enough
you are enough, you are worth it, you have value, you are loved, gratefulness, comparison
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What Would You Tell Yourself?

What Would You Tell Yourself?

You are ENOUGH. Not because you are doing enough, have enough friends, followers or clients or have a big enough paycheck…but because you are inherently worth it.

I recently had a birthday, which can lead to reflecting on the past years.

There are moments that make us realize the lack of control we really have. How easily life can slip away… and what a gift it truly is. Realizing how special that person was once they are gone. That we don’t have to be who we “should” be, but can discover those passions inside of us waiting to be discovered.

I recently watched a video of a woman who was slowly dying (literally counting down the days) and she was thankful for the signs of aging…because, to her, it reminded her that she was alive…she was thankful for each new day of her life.

…I don’t want to wait for suffering to be grateful. I want to learn from others stories and start now. I don’t want to wait until “its too late” to realize what is important.  What if we lived each day like she was, thankful for another day to be alive.



In our interviews for our Documentary Film, we ask people “If you could talk to yourself 10 years ago, what would you tell yourself?”.


“Everyone has a story, and I want you to know your story matters and that you are worth it.”   That was one of the main things in my life that I wanted to communicate in my work. life. job.

I wanted people to know they were worth it. Loved. Beautiful. Not alone. To see their beauty and talent….but I realized I needed to understand that for myself too.


These are a few things I would have reminded myself of….


What would you tell yourself?

Everyone has a story and their story matters…yes you too.

Comparison.  It is the thief of joy.  

You are beautiful.

Not because your hair is smooth, soft or big and curly.

Not because you finally worked out enough, fit in those jeans, can lift that amount…but because of who you are.

You are ENOUGH. Not because you are doing enough, have enough friends, followers or clients or have a big enough paycheck…but because you are inherently worth it.

Stop being so mean to yourself.  Stop believing the lies that you are not loved. Stop telling yourself you are stupid.

Believe people when they tell you they care.

Don’t be afraid to risk love.  It’s worth it.

Its okay to feel beautiful.

Its okay to tell them no.

Its okay to believe in yourself.

Stop the lie that you aren’t doing enough or that you aren’t enough… you are alive!

Be grateful for the experiences you have…stop comparing to others!

It’s okay to cry. It’s okay to feel your pain. It’s okay to ask for help…it doesn’t make you weak…it actually makes you strong.

You are going to mess up. You are going to make mistakes. You are going to be rejected by others. But none of that, takes away from your worth.   

Don’t lose that smile …you are not too broken.

Take a risk. Try something new. Face your fears.

It’s okay to be hurting and not know what to do. It’s okay that you struggle with that.  It’s okay that you feel too broken …but don’t stop there.  You are broken, WE ALL ARE, we don’t have to stay there.  The beautiful thing is, we are all in it together.   DON’T lose hope.

There is always hope, take a breathe. Be grateful.  Don’t let that hope and joy die.